Harjannetie, Kalliopysäköinti ja Asunnot, Helsinki

Länsi-Viikinmäki Housing & Parking

Helsinki, 2010

The result of an invited competition consists of the social rental housing block and the right-of-occupancy housing block. Together with the parking house they form the entrance to the new Länsi-Viikinmäki Housing Area and make a noise barrier against nearby motorway.

The multi-storey apartment blocks with narrow systematic building bodies form two uneven courtyards.

The parking house has a major role as it is seen from the main street leading to the area. The hilly and stony natural landscape served as a catalyst for the concept.

The parking house is a 3-storey building with entrances on each floor from the road sloping down the side of the plot. The rooftop has open parking places and a green roof.

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