Eko-Viikki, Helsinki

Eko-Viikki, Ecological Experimental Housing

Helsinki, 2014

Helsinki has experimented sustainability-oriented residential solutions in the Eko-Viikki housing area.

The four housing company units Ahomansikka, Niittyleinikki, Auringonkukka and Valkoapila build up a residential quarter that was developed as a part of a public Design & Construction Competition together with the Finnish construction company Skanska.

All proposed technical innovations and solutions were not fully realised due to the rather strict financial limits. After various different studies remain the residents’ will and the architecture that can easily adjust to everyday ecological choices and way of life.

Energy is saved and conserved by passive means: the orientation of the houses, the facade openings, and sheltering glazed balcony zones, which take advantage of the heat and light of the low sunshine during the colder seasons. Some of the buildings are equipped with solar panels.

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