Teema, Helsinki

Teema Housing, 2003

Arabianranta, Helsinki

Based on an design & construct competition 2002.
The architecture of the Teema Housing, located at the sea coast of Arabianranta district, is based on the relation between the houses and surrounding sea shore landscape. The views from the apartments, and the balconies and gardens linked to the dwellings also had an influence on the architecture. The size and significance of the outdoor spaces linked to the apartments have increased, which gives opportunity to provide some qualities of single family houses to apartment buildings. The developing of such outdoor spaces in Teema Housing came from the original idea of the detail plan, in which the location these L-shaped volumes was special. The south-eastern facade is dominated by the conservatories and balconies giving each apartment an extensive view to the Vanhankaupunginlahti bay.

The spatial quality of a flat in an apartment building is usually considered rather limited. But the openings to several directions allow various day light conditions enter the dwelling. The diverse height of the rooms in the ground and top floors gave us possibilities to create special characteristics to those apartments.

The Arabianranta area is elaborated with art works linked to the buildings. In Teema Housing the deep blue ceramics of the column and pergola in the courtyard are created by Tiina Veräjänkorva and the shining black sculpture on the street side is by Chiaki Kobinata.

Asko Takala, project architect: Kaisa Savolainen
Team: Alex Torres, Kristiina Timonen, Tapani Lehtinen, Anniina Kari, Riku Rönkä, Jonas Malmberg

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