Lilla Åleryd, Linköping, Sweden

Lilla Åleryd is a based on a winning of Europan 4 –competition entry 1996. It was completed 2005 and is the first Europan project realized in Sweden.


Europan is directed at young professionals of the architectural and urban design under 40 years of age and with a European degree or working in Europe.


Lilla Åleryd lies 6 km south of Linköping Centre. The development is based on existing 1950’s nursing home made of yellow brick and open landscape with surrounding oak-wooded hills, some with prehistorical remains. The site was an open parking field with some big old oak trees.


The heart of the new development is a common open and fluctuating green space opening to the oak-wooded hill and separated from the main traffic routes. New dwellings are framing this public lawn to the west. Simple direct volumes make a recognizable housing zone. Between that winding zone and straight streets are parking and service-activities. Strict and straight nothern and western mainstreets are lined with artificial earthforms, noisebarriers, from parking and services. The 3-floor gable-units rise over the barrier. The residents call them “giraf-houses”.

Asko Takala
Team: Alex Torres, Anniina Kari, Niklas Mahlberg, Tapani Lehtinen, Jonas Malmberg

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