Korteniitty, Jyväskylä

Korteniitty, Jyväskylä

Planning work 2002-2003, approved 2006.

The Korteniitty housing area is adjacent to the 1960, suburb of Kortepohja. The chosen infill plan signals a controlled densifying of the community structure.

The infill plan with its different types of blocks and houses brings diversity to the area’s building stock. At the same time, it will help ensure that the local services in the Kortepohja suburb can be maintained. The design of the new area and the placement of the buildings create a peaceful townscape on a small scale, which will give the area an interesting new urban stratum from the 2000’s.

Korteniitty is a twenty-first century take on dense and low housing construction, located between a nature reserve and a classic Docomomo-listed 1960’s suburb, Kortepohja. Different types of blocks and houses alternate in the manner of a zipper along the topographical contours along Korteniityntie. The area, which opens up towards Rautpohjanlahti bay, is held together by a uniform scale and joint bases in massing and external architecture. The area takes on a finer grain towards the bay end; the western side consists of row houses and low blocks
of flats, while the eastern-most plots have been allocated to detached houses to be built in groups.

The city of Jyväskylä was awarded 2006 as the best planning & evaluation process in Finland, Korteniitty process as an example.

Korteniitty plan  has been published in the Finnish Arkkitehti-review 4/2003 and  was presented in the 0607 Biennal Exhibition in the Museum of Finnish Architecture.


Asko Takala
Team: Ilpo Muraja

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