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Juvakoti Day Centre and Home for the Elderly

Juva, 1991

The building is positioned in a north-south direction between road and lake so that all the common areas at the end of the communal corridor have a direct view of the Juvajärvi Lake, The main spaces of the community centre are grouped around a beautiful copse of trees left standing on the site. The intimacy of the individual dwelling units along the corridor constitutes a cosy mews that blends with the existing, older building, in the terms of scale.

The layout seeks to emulate a typical Finnish home with immediate access to a courtyard: each dwelling unit has its own entrance. The dwellings are clustered around a living room & kitchen space, with the living room having a spectacular view of the lake through a bay window. The units grouped along the corridor with its ceiling lights are designed to provide private access to both the courtyard and the communal corridor. The architecture is soft and of a domestic and warm character, contemporary and timeless at the same time. The overall atmosphere is meant to be that of a village.

The building is still most actual and has been presented in several publications through years, even as late as 2008 in a book “Heimat fur Menschen mit Demenz”, Demenz Support Stuttgart, Mabuse-Verlag, Stuttgart.

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