Pohjoisranta 2 – Meritullinkatu 1, Helsinki

Pohjoisranta 2 – Meritullinkatu-1- Housing Blocks

Helsinki, 1996

Two apartment buildings were created on the highly visible site of a former tobacco factory, in an area with buildings representing the layered history of Helsinki. The architecture did not want to imitate its surroundings, nor did it want to shout out its presence. 16 contemporary apartments – some of them on two levels, and with an average floor area of 133 square metres – plus business premises on the street level, well meet the demands of both the quality conscious residents and the seafront cityscape.

Kirsti Sivén had carefully studied the site, resulting in an elegantly proportioned composition. The project entailed a great deal of balancing between contemporary demands and respect for the existing situation and the town plan as dictated by the city’s planning stipulations for the site. These houses are not only an infill but a highly visible seafront avenue corner, visible from the sea and neighbouring parts of the city. The architecture lacks fashionable gestures, yet can still be sensed as contemporary.

The project was presented in the Finland Builds 8 Exhibition in the Museum of Finnish Architecture.

Kirsti Sivén, projektiarkkitehti: Kristiina Timonen
Työryhmä: Stefan Vara

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