Housing fair 2019 in Finland at Pioneeripuisto

The Housing Fair 2019 Event takes place 12.7.-11.8.2019 in Pioneeripuisto. The set up of the area is based on our winning competition entry “Koriaa”, from 2015.

The area was originally built as a garrison area beside the River Kymijoki. The Russians originally established the garrison to protect the bridge that crossed the river on the rail track between Helsinki and St Petersburg. The oldest red brick buildings date back to  1910’s. The Finnish Army built several plastered functionalistic buildings in 1920’s & 1930’s.
The infill development respects the existing building stock and the surrounding nature. The rugged riverside sceneries along the adjacent River Kymijoki and long park-like views are part of the identity of the area.


– some of the north side military engineer bridges are WW II spoils of war

– Captain Kuittinen developed Molotov Coctail-weapon in Koria just before the Winter War (1939-40)


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