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The office is regularly taking part in various competitions in Finland and abroad. The project range is wide: housing, senior housing, public buildings and urban planning. Some competition entries are presented in more detail in the projects page.

Invited competitions

1. prize, shared, THL (The National Institute for Health and Welfare) Tilkanmäki Campus, K-building, Helsinki, THL & Senate Properties, 2018, chosen for the implementation

1. prize, Pioneeripuisto Housing Area, Kouvola, 2016 – Housing Fair 2019

1. prize, Kiskoraitti Housing Blocks, Kouvola, 2013

1. prize, Sakramento 2. Low-rise Housing Area / Morton Group, Moscow, 2012

1. prize, Raisio City Centre Plan, Raisio, 2010

Winner, parallel design competition, Paldiski Mnt Block, Commercial Activities, Housing and Homes for the Elderly/ Syda Maja Tallinn, Estonia, 2008

2. prize, Normanndia Low-rise Housing, International Competition, St-Petersburg, Russia, 2008

1. prize, shared Western Area of Viikinmäki, Helsinki, 2006, built in 2010

1. prize, Transition of Kainuu border patrol’s center and surroundings, Kajaani, 2008

Honorary mention, Rantaharju Housing Block, Espoo, 2008

1. prize, Kultaniitty Housing Blocks, Ylöjärvi, 2008, 2 units built in 2012

1. prize, Leinelä Housing Area Plan, Vantaa, 2008


1. prize, Kuloniitty Housing Blocks, Espoo, 2005, built in 2008

Honorary mention, Western Part of Kouvola City Centre, Kouvola, 2006

1. prize, Apiankatu Residential Area, Valkeakoski, 2005

1. prize, Foibe 3, Home for the Elderly, Vantaa, 2005, built in 2007

1. prize, Kalastajaranta Housing Area Plan, Helsinki, 2003

1. prize, Hämeenkatu 31 Modern Urban Dwellings, Tampere,  2002, built in 2011

1. prize, Valimonmäki Housing Area, Jyväskylä, 2002

1. prize, Nummela Church and Parish Centre Extension and Renovation, Vihti, 2001, built in 2005

1. prize, Fallkulla Housing Blocks, Helsinki, 2000, built in 2003

1. prize, Santa´s Technology Park, Rovaniemi, 1999

1. prize, Ruusutorpansilta Housing Block, Espoo, 1998

1. prize, Karviaistie School Extension and Renovation, Helsinki, 1998, built in 2001

1. prize, Kartanonpelto Housing Area, Lappeenranta, 1997

2. prize, Aurinkolahti Waterfront Housing Area, Helsinki, 1996

1. prize, Sorakatu 2 Housing Block, Valkeakoski, 1996, built in 1998

1. prize, shared, Wood Information Centre, Idea Competition for Timber Construction Course 1994

1. prize, Tammisalontie 16 Housing Block, Helsinki, 1990

1. prize, Juva Day Centre and Home for the Elderly, Juva, 1988, built in 1991

2. prize, Kiuruvesi Day Centre & Home for the Elderly, Kiuruvesi, 1987

Design competitions with constructors

1. prize, Kuopion Sairaalakatu Housing Area with Lujatalo Oy: New Housing Blocks and Transition of the Old Hospital Buildings into Housing, Kuopio, 2014

1. prize, Pohjolankatu 25 Housing Block, Tampere, 2013, with Lemminkäinen, built in 2016

Shared 3. prize, Länsi-Puijonlaakso Housing Block, Kuopio, 2011, with YIT, built in 2016

1. prize, Penttilänranta Housing Blocks, Joensuu, 2010, with YIT, built in 2015-2017

Reserve prize, Ratinanranta Housing, Tampere, 2006, City-Ratina Housing, built in 2013

2. prize, Tuulimylly Housing, Helsinki, 2006, with Avara, built in 2010

Reserve prize, Arabianranta Housing Blocks, Helsinki, 2002, with Sato, Teema Housing, built in 2003

Recognition prize, Viikki Experimental Ecological Town-Housing, Helsinki, 1996, with Skanska, built in 2000-2005  (Nuppukuja Housing)

2. prize, Viikki Timber Housing, Helsinki, 1994

Open competitions

Honorary mention, Housing Reform Helsinki – Housing 2020 – open competition, 2019

2. prize, Jätkäsaari School, Open Competition, Helsinki, 2015

1. prize, Kuopion Sairaalakatu Housing Area with Lujatalo Oy: New Housing Blocks and Transition of the Old Hospital Buildings into Housing, Kuopio, 2014

Honorary mention, Piippuranta Factory Area Transititon: Opening Housing Blocks, Jyväskylä, 2014

Honorary mention, Transformation of Healthcare: Idea Competition to Rethink and Renovate Hospital and Healthcare Services in Eastern Europe, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2009

1. prize, Europan 4 / Housing, Re-Use & Planning (Asko Takala) , Åleryd, Linköping, Sweden, 1996, built in 2005

Honorary mention, ”From Care Institutions to Housing” Idea Competition (Asko Takala), 1994

3. prize, Ankkuriranta Housing Area (Kirsti Sivén), Lahti, 1993

Honorary mention, Renovation of Long-term Health Care Environments, 1991

Purchase, Husarviken Area, Stockholm, Sweden, 1988

Purchase, Town Centre & Public Buildings, Lieto, 1987

Honorary mention, Hausjärvi Heath Care Centre and Home for the Elderly, Hausjärvi, 1986

3. prize, Housing Block in Kamppi Including a Hotel and Social Service Centre (Kirsti Sivén), Helsinki, 1983, Kampinsalpa Housing, built in 1989

Purchase, Kanta-Häme Savings Bank (Bengt Lundsten,  Kirsti Sivén), Hämeenlinna, 1979

Purchase, Development Idea Competition (Kirsti Sivén), Multia, 1979

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