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Awards & Exhibitions


Colour 2011 prize for IJKK Kuntola Multipurpose Building, 2011

Building Prize 2008, City of Tampere, Hämeenkatu 31 Housing

The State Prize for Architecture 2004 (Kirsti Sivén)

“Building Rose”, Architectural Award of the Helsinki City Building Control Department, 2001 (Kirsti Sivén)

Half-Year State Artist Scholarship on Architecture 1994 (Kirsti Sivén)


Finnish Architecture, Review 2018, Museum of Finnish Architecture, 2018

“In Therapy”, Nordic Pavillion, Venice Architecture biennale 2016, Venice, Italy, 28.5.2016-27.11.2016

“Timeless Spaces for Human Existence” “Time Space Existence – Made in Europe” collateral event of Venice Architecture biennale 2014 by Global Art Affairs Foundation, Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy, 7.6.2014-22.11.2014

Community Living, International Exhibition, Bologna, Italy, 2012

Finnish Architecture 0607, Museum of Finnish Architecture, 2008

The Finnishing touch, DAZ, Berlin 2007, Torino 2008

Finnish Architecture 0405, Museum of Finnish Architecture, 2006

School Buildings -The State of Affairs, Zurich, 2004, New York 2005

The Green House, new directions in sustainable architecture, The National Building Museum, Washington DC, 2005

Finnish Architecture 0203, Museum of Finnish Architecture, 2004

Finland Builds 9, Museum of Finnish Architecture, 1998

Finland Builds 8, Museum of Finnish Architecture, 1992

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